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 I was entrusted with a small chip carrying secret government technology or something and bad guys kept chasing after me because they want to lay their hands on that chip or kill me, or both. Two agents were assigned to protect me but regardless I was kidnapped at least once and had problems finding my way back. But I got along very well with those 2 agents so at least it was fun being with them.

I was assigned a house right across the street from my paternal grandparents' house but there's no front door. The only door is in the back and when I asked why, one of the agents told me that was the only entrance to the house and was in the back to avoid attention and remain hidden from view. The keyhole on that door was round and quite small. The ground floor was about 2/3 the size of the 2 upper stories so the house looked as if it was trying to balance on its right leg.

It took place in my hometown and I remember running around cho Ben Thanh trying to find a place to hide when the bad guys were chasing me and was so glad when I finally found my 2 partner agents and they took my back to the safety of the house and at least being with them is safer because they have weapons to protect ourselves in case of an attack, which did happen at least once. It was towards the end of the dream and came in the form of an explosion from the front of the house. Apparently we had to take our stuffs and run out of there or prepared to fight back, I don't remember which. 

It was intense. There was a lot of running and hiding from bad guys, who happened to be some kind of professional/special agents so it wasn't easy ducking from them. I was very scared and my nerves were taught as the strings of a bow 95% of the time (the other 5% was when I found my way back to my partners (they're more like guards lol but ok) and they took me to the house to rest and I got to take a shower, yay! It was (very) good while it lasted, mostly thanks to the relief of being back to safety).

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